Testimonial: A S - Gastric Bypass

“I would recommend the surgery by Mr Ahmed wholeheartedly.”

Before the surgery:

“I use to eat over 5 heavy meals a day including 5 fizzy drinks and lots of chocolates and crisps. I realised that I am gaining lots of weight and it will be risky to continue this way so I have decided to go and see Mr Ahmed at Cromwell Hospital. It took me 6 weeks to finalise that dates of the surgery and also to do a special diet to lose some weight before doing the surgery.”

1st Week of the surgery:

“Very good treatment from the staff of the hospital and the surgery went very well but the most important thing that you have to follow what you are asked to do such as walking after the surgery and not to eat food only water and liquid for the 1st week.”

Ongoing after the surgery:

“Stopped most of the bad habits and I have followed what I have been asked to do and as I result of that I lost over 38% of my weight within the 1st six months. I have been given a new life and feel absolutely wonderful. ”