Obalon Gastric Balloon System

Obalon Gastric Balloon System

If you want to see results quickly, Obalon offers an average weight loss of 8kg (1st 3lbs) in just 12 weeks, by simply helping you to eat less and consume fewer calories.

If you are fed up of weight loss fads that promise the world but deliver very little, Obalon could be for you. These discreet and lightweight balloons sit comfortably at the top of your stomach, giving you the sensation of feeling full. This helps you to lose weight as you start to feel fuller, faster, which in turn leads to reduced portion sizes and calorie intake. To fully benefit from Obalon and ensure enhanced weight loss, it is recommended that you modify your eating behaviours and follow a healthy eating plan, limiting your intake of high calorie foods, as recommended by our dietician.

Additional Information

  • Obalon Gastric Balloon System

    Simply swallow a capsule containing the deflated balloon the size of a large vitamin, which is attached to a micro-catheter.
    Once the capsule reaches the stomach you are then x-rayed to ensure that the capsule is ready to be inflated via the micro-catheter.
    Inflation takes approximately 2 minutes and once inflated, the micro-catheter is simply detached and removed, leaving the balloon sitting comfortably at the top of the stomach where it gets to work immediately.

    Following the placement, you should consume soup and soft food, such as yoghurt, for the first day. On the second day, it is important to start eating more solid food and after that, you can eat what you like as long as you follow a healthy diet plan. For best weight loss results, you will need to reduce your consumption of high calorie foods.

    30 days into your treatment, you will return to your clinician to assess your weight loss progress and receive your second balloon to ensure you maintain a feeling of fullness throughout the remainder of your treatment. You will return to see your clinician approximately 60 days into your treatment to discuss the option of a third balloon based on your weight loss progress and satiety levels.

    At the end of the 12 weeks treatment, the balloons will be taken out during a short and simple endoscopic procedure. You are then free to return home to enjoy your weight loss success. However it should be noted that any weight that has been lost may be regained once the balloons are removed.