Non Surgical Weight Loss Solutions

Non Surgical Weight Loss Solutions

Our highly experienced team of professionals, including physicians, dieticians and personal trainers, offers non-surgical solutions to obesity. These programmes are open to individuals who are overweight, committed to losing weight and changing their lifestyle.

You will be assessed by our Internationally renowned Obesity Physician, Dr. Harvinder Chahal, to ensure the treatment is tailored to your personal needs. This will include one, or all, of the following:

  • Lifestyle management
  • Drug treatment
  • Personalised exercise training.

Our goal is to support you on this journey towards modest weight reduction and functional health improvements.

Lifestyle Management

  • Assessments to exclude medical causes of obesity (hypothyroidism, Cushings disease)
  • Genetic profiling to see if you carry a genetic predisposition to obesity (MC4R, FTO are examples)
  • Individualised programme of care over 6 months
  • Discussion of the different aspects of eating behaviour and advice on behaviour modification
  • Advice on how to improve dietary intake
  • Advice on lifestyle changes
  • Assessment of physical activity and advice on ways to improve
  • Assessment of the need for weight loss medications and advice on their use where appropriate
  • Consistent, continued support from assigned dietitian
  • Onward referral to other services where appropriate.

Drug Treatment

Medications for obesity result in weight loss by helping people decrease their overall calorie intake. They work best when used regularly and in conjunction with daily exercise and a reduced calorie meal.

There are mainly two classes of drugs:

  • Those that act on the gut and decrease the absorption of fat in the diet
  • Those that act on the brain and reduce the sensation of hunger.

It is recommended that these medications are prescribed to people who have:

  • A BMI greater than 30 with no co-morbidities
  • A BMI greater than 27 and one or more co-morbidities such as heart disease or diabetes.

It may also be prescribed to patients with a higher BMI who are awaiting surgery, not suitable for surgery, or who may be unwilling to have surgery.

For further information on both programmes please book an initial consultation.

Alternative Treatment

Dr Al Qaisi is trialling newer methods for weight loss including using caffeine and tobacco based products in conjunction with orlistat. Contact us to find out more about this unique treatment option.