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Redo Surgery

Redo, or revisional weight loss surgery, is for patients who have already had previous weight loss surgery which has either failed, or has led to unmanageable complications. This type of surgery may be aimed at correcting a problem you have, or may involve converting your current operation into another type.

Instances where redo weight loss surgery is required include:

  • Gastric band slippage, which may just need repositioning
  • Severe complications associated with a gastric band, where the band needs removing and a second procedure possibly carried out
  • Insufficient weight loss, where a previous procedure may need to be re-done
  • Severe weight regain, where a previous procedure may need ‘converting’ e.g. a previous sleeve gastrectomy converted to a gastric bypass.

Additional Information

Our clients can feel very confident in The London Weight Clinic’s ability to safely carry out these procedures.

Here’s why:

Redo weight loss surgery is complex by its very nature. Your anatomy will have changed as a result of your first operation, and there may be adhesions present, which all contribute to a more challenging surgical environment.

The decision to undergo redo surgery therefore should be considered carefully and your choice of surgeon and clinical centre should be given equally careful consideration.

Ahmed Ahmed and his team have carried out an extensive number of redo weight loss surgery operations to date. This experience has been built up not just at The London Weight Clinic, but also through his role as lead surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Department of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. This NHS centre receives some of the most complex cases from around the UK which no-one else wants to deal with.

Importantly, the surgical team at The London Weight Clinic has built up experience of a variety of redo procedures, including:

  • Gastric band to bypass conversion
  • Gastric band to sleeve gastrectomy conversion
  • Redo gastric bypass
  • Sleeve gatrectomy to gastric bypass conversion
  • Vertical banded gastroplasty to gastric bypass conversion
  • Jejuno-ileal bypass and duodenal switch to gastric bypass conversion
  • The band on bypass procedure.