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Allurion Balloon Pill

The Allurion balloon is a non-surgical, non-endoscopic solution for patients who wish to lose a moderate amount of weight, but may not wish to undergo, or may not qualify for, a surgical or endoscopic weight loss procedure.

The Allurion balloon is unique in that it is introduced into the stomach by swallowing a simple pill and doesn’t require sedation. The procedure can be performed at the office in about 15 minutes.

How Allurion Works

The patient swallows a pill, connected to a long thin tube. After approximately 10 minutes, we perform an x-ray of the abdomen to ensure that the pill has been appropriately introduced into the stomach. At this point, the balloon is filled with about 550cc of sterile saline (saltwater) – to about the size of a grapefruit. The tube is then removed. A second x-ray is then performed to ensure the balloon remains in the appropriate area of the stomach.

The volume of the balloon takes up space in the stomach previously used for food. This allows for

  • Faster satisfaction and eating smaller portions
  • A feeling of fullness, which will help reduce cravings
  • Feeling satisfied for longer, as food takes longer to leave the stomach

The balloon remains within the patient’s stomach for four months, at which point a time-activated release valve allows the water out of the balloon and the shell passes through the normal digestive system easily. This means no return to the clinic for removal.

Additional Information

Along with the placement of the balloon, patients will undergo a six- or 12-month supervised weight loss program administered by our skilled doctors, nurses and support staff. During this time, patients will improve their lifestyle through modified diet and exercise programs. This serves to enhance weight loss while the balloon is within the patient’s stomach and maintain a lower weight long after it dissolves.

All our patients will have access to some of the leading consultants in weightloss and dietetics/psychology.

  • The basic package includes initial consultation, 4 dietician support appointments over a 6 month period, biometric scales and app.
  • The additional support programme includes all the above and offers unparalleled care and support by giving you the option to sign into a longer 12 month programme for additional support including physical trainer and more.


The package includes a pair of biometric Bluetooth scales and access to a weight loss app.  Which means you can keep in full control of your journey, and at the click of a button you can send information to your dietician which can be used to make adjustments and changes to your plan to ensure every success.

Due to the absence of surgical intervention and no requirement for sedation, the risks are low. Some patients may experience nausea in the first few days after balloon placement. We will provide those patients with anti-nausea medication, if necessary. Risks will be discussed during consultation prior to the procedure.

The average Elipse Balloon patient can expect to lose 10-15% of their body weight, or 1.5-2.5 stone. While this is lower than the surgical procedures we offer, it remains effective in improving some of the comorbidities associated with obesity without the need for surgical intervention.

For more information please call our office and schedule a consultation with one of our weight loss experts.