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Advanced Techniques

Our team members, led by Mr Ahmed Ahmed, are highly experienced in their field and have expertise in many advanced surgical, anaesthetic and recovery techniques.

At The London Weight Clinic we acknowledge that every client is different and we tailor our care according to your needs.

Additional Information

Mr Ahmed can perform complex keyhole surgery through 2 or 3 mm incisions which are barely visible after surgery. Mr Ahmed uses special equipment to do this.

This technique has the advantage of being nearly scarless.

Our lead anaesthetist, Dr Jonathan Cousins, uses brain monitoring programmes called BIS™ during surgery to ensure your anaesthesia is just right for you. This gives you a bespoke guaranteed anaesthetic.

The BIS™ monitoring system provides real time feedback on the effects of anaesthesia on the brain. This enables Dr Cousins and his team to calculate and administer the precise amount of drug to meet your needs, meaning safer surgery and a much faster recovery.

At The London Weight Clinic we want to make sure that you are feeling yourself again as soon as possible after surgery. To achieve this we put the principles of the Enhanced Recovery Programme into practice. This service ensures you are in the optimal condition prior to surgery, the treatment is tailored to your specific healthcare needs, and you recover from treatment as quickly as possible.

This could involve, for example:

  • Drinking carbohydrate-rich drinks prior to surgery
  • Using state of the art brain monitoring systems (BIS) during surgery to reduce the anaesthetic drug doses
  • Intensive physiotherapy/nurse sessions after surgery to ensure you are on your feet again as soon as possible.

Traditional laporoscopic bariatric surgery involves 4 to 5 incisions through which instruments can be inserted to perform the procedure. The SILS™ procedure replaces these 4 to 5 incisions with just one incision in the belly button.

The benefits can include:

  • Potential elimination of visible scars
  • Reduction in pain associated with multiple incisions.

Over recent years the cinema experience has been taken into a new era with the use of 3 dimensional technology. This same development has occurred within the surgical arena. Mr Ahmed was the first surgeon in the UK to perform a laparoscopic bariatric procedure using 3D technology.

When laparoscopic procedures are performed gas is required to ensure that space is created within the abdomen. This ensures the surgeons can perform the operation and have room to manoeuvre their instruments. The surgical team, led by Mr Ahmed, use the HumiGard™ system routinely during surgery. This system helps to keep the gas warm and humid as it enters the abdomen which leads to significantly reduced discomfort after surgery, and can speed up the surgery by creating an easier environment for the surgeon to work within.

Please contact us if you have any questions relating to any of these techniques or you would like to speak with our patient liaison manager. We look forward to speaking to you.