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Testimonial: N Y – Gastric Band

“I had a gastric band done in Cromwell hospital. It sounds quite clear and simple, however if you or a loved one is going through what I have been through before I had the gastric band done then you will know how big and vicious cycle it can be without having an end at sight.”

“I used to weight 150 kg before the procedure, no one can even imagine what it means to be that overweight, every time you look at yourself in the mirror you see this hideous, unrecognisable person. Then you realise you are just staring at yourself in the mirror. I am not a doctor but even I can tell you, that you face a big list of diseases if something is not done about it rapidly from strokes to heart attacks.

I knew I had a problem but I did not knew how to cope with it until my brother suggested that I had gastric procedure done. The problem remained as to where should I get it done. All of my friends were helping me in my research and places were recommended such as India, Eastern Europe and even the USA but when it can be question of life and death if the procedure is not carried out properly, money is the last thing on your mind. Eventually my research led me to Mr Ahmed and his team at Cromwell but I wasn’t still sure, so I decided to have a look at their website and once I was satisfied I decided to make an appointment to see Mr Ahmed where he explained all the different options available to me and the pros and cons of every procedure. I discussed it with my family and decided to go for the gastric band which was best suited to my needs.

Am I glad I had it done? Every second of my life, the only regret I have is I should have had it done a long time ago. Without any major exercise routine I have lost 28 kilograms so far. my waistline is gone down, my old clothes are very loose and I feel very lively now compare to before. I have more energy now, I feel like going for walks now as to before where I would take my car even if I wanted to buy a newspaper. I know I still have a bit to go but I am on my way there. If anyone is thinking about getting it done, get it done – it will be worth every penny and when you have a specialist team like Mr Ahmed’s, Dr Cousins and even the specialist nurse Karen you have got nothing to worry about because the treatment I got from Mr Ahmed and all of his team can’t be matched by anyone and I am sure of it.”