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Testimonial: P D – Sleeve Gastrectomy

“One year later, I have lost 35 kilos, dropped from size 22 to size 12, definitely not pre-diabetic, have lots of energy and am full of confidence!”

“Let me roll back to January 2009, I was at my lowest, visiting my GP with a plethora of woes, I was feeling tired, had no energy, pre-diabetic. My GP was constantly telling me to lose weight before things got direr. But how could I. I had put on far too much weight and my will power was zero.

I spent time of the internet looking for plausible solution; I needed a safe medical method. I came across various gastric solutions, medical solutions not cosmetic which were safe and resolve medical problems. What interested me was many people after surgery had no more diabetes and other related illnesses. The gastric surgery solution is NOT a cosmetic solution; it is a medical solution is therefore important to have the surgery done by professional gastric surgeons.

I believe I was blessed and extremely lucky to find Mr. Ahmed, Dr Cousins and their team, this is a team of extremely professional doctors who are the cutting edge of gastric/weight loss surgery. What made me really comfortable to be with them is the time they had for me. They are available at all time to discuss the procedure. No question was too stupid, too silly or too infantile for them.

After several consultations and numerous phone calls, we all decided that the sleeve gastric surgery would be best for me.

The day of surgery, the team came to re-assure me. The operation went well and recovery was good, the rate of recovery is definitely dependent on following the instructions. And why won’t I? The post op instructions was making loose me loose 2 kilograms a week. I could not believe that I never experienced any hunger pangs and would have to force myself to eat (I add that one year later I am still never hungry). If you don’t eat please drink and drink!

Since the operation, life is good, medically, professionally and personally. Let’s be honest big people are negatively judged before they even open mouths. It’s the best investment I have ever made.

If you are seriously overweight, see the gastric professionals, talk with them and change your life!, Without doubt, Mr. Ahmed and his team are serious professionals and know their business talk to them and it will be the best chat of your life!

Now I can swanked into any shop in world and get my size!

I have not be paid to write this testimonial, I offered to do so because I know there are people who are like me (one year ago).”