Weight Loss During COVID

Weight Loss & Maintenance During COVID-19

As weight loss experts, we can see weight- and COVID-related concerns are resting heavily on a lot of people’s minds. Our job is to make any patient encounter or intervention with our patients as safe as possible.

COVID 19 Procedures

Many of our patients have experienced significant weight gain due to the stress, anxiety and lack of exercise created by the coronavirus crisis and subsequent orders to stay home.

Further, whilst elective surgeries have resumed, patients may not wish to undergo surgical procedure at the moment or are not suitable candidate for surgery due to pre-existing conditions. As a result, the London Weight Clinic offers to non-surgical programs to help patients manage their way during this difficult time.

We have endeavored to minimise the potential transmission of COVID by implementing protocols to reduce possible spread. First, we are providing remote online consultations. Second, Cromwell Hospital is a COVID free/negative hospital, meaning that patients are strictly tested before admission, amongst other protocols, to create a safe environment. Lastly, we can help arrange a limousine pick up and provide you with personal protective equipment from your home to our clinic.

COVID 19 and Excess Weight / Obesity

Three recent studies have found a worrying link between excess weight and COVID 19. The conclusion of these studies is that obesity and excess weight nearly doubles the risk for severe COVID outcomes. However reducing BMI (body mass index) by just an average of 5 points (for the average woman and man; approx 12-16 Kgs) could cut requirement of ICU-level care by half.


Our Medical Weight Loss Programme

Our non-surgical medical weight loss programme combines medication therapy, dietary consultation and improved exercise regimens to help patients change their lifestyle for the long-term. These programmes can be particularly effective for patients that do not qualify for bariatric surgery or when some weight needs to be lost to reduce the risk of future surgery. We employ a stepped approach towards the patient’s care, starting with conservative interventions and increasing the intensity of therapy when appropriate. Learn more about our non-surgical programme.

Weight Loss Balloons

We offer two distinct non-surgical weight-loss balloons. First is the Orbera gastric balloon, a non-surgical, endoscopic balloon that is inserted into the stomach via the throat/esophagus using specialized endoscopic medical devices. During the procedure, the patient is under mild sedation and the balloon is threaded down through the esophagus into the stomach. When appropriately placed, the balloon is filled with sterile saline – salt water – and inflated to the appropriate size. The balloon remains in the stomach for six months, after which it is punctured, drained and removed from the abdomen in the same way that it was placed. Learn more about the Orbera gastric balloon.

Elipse, our newest balloon technology requires no surgery or endoscopy. This balloon comes in the form of a pill that is swallowed right here in our office. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes and requires no sedation. It is the only non-surgical and non-endoscopic weight loss device currently on the market. The Elipse balloon disintegrates over the course of four months at which point it dissolves and is expelled using the body’s natural digestive system. Learn more about the Elipse gastric balloon.

In order to reinforce proper diet and exercise habits, gastric balloon patients will follow a six- or 12-month medical weight loss programme administered by our doctors, nurses and support staff. Learn more my scheduling a consultation with us.